friend asked for top 5 'why on earth is Kaito Tenjo allowed to be this cute' caps

did you mean from this season or


do you know of any zexal ask blogs

you should go pester askbarians ;D 

iris being a meme will never not be funny hah a so much barian very much death

imagine if iris were like an irc bot and learns from every single thing kairyo say to each other so eventually she starts speaking like “does mommy want to sell daddy on ebay?”


Short, but… !

Only two more to go.

WOW I FORGOT I SENT THAT ASK and i did not actually expect you to post the music but it's really cool and also pretty and i still need to thoroughly read the most recent chapter whoops


@gimmickpuppets replied to your post: i’m still thinking about that post wit…

we did once and i believe it was ygofandomgossip

how could i forget, kitten :3

i’m still thinking about that post with keeping track of mutuals who hate each other like i have enough trouble keeping track of who hates me

how can we kick vector in the balls if he hasn't got any though

DJDK I IMAGINE HE DOES AS A HUMAN…. screencap regret…


I had dokidoki feels, is that bad? 10minutedoodleblah


I had dokidoki feels, is that bad? 10minutedoodleblah

i’m glad that our trashbag wearing ””dark duelist”” doesn’t actually have cool warping powers and literally has no idea why it keeps happening

remember when zexal fandom wasn’t a wasteland of shitty feelings


new zexal watcher: where am i

old zexal watcher: this  is  zexal  hell  welcome  to  zexal  hell

new zexal watcher: why am i crying when do i stop crying

old zexal watcher: you  never  stop  crying  welcome  to  zexal  hell

new zexal watcher: how do i leave

old zexal watcher: you  never  leave  welcome  to  zexal  hell

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