you know what i don’t understand though

what makes vector interesting and fantastic and hot is the fact that he’s rei, that he went to the trouble of disguising himself and acting like this dumbass little friend of yuma’s and crying dumb fake tears and pretending he was terrible at dueling and effecting his voice so he’d sound like a weenie when his usual register sounds like a meanie1 and then what makes him better is he has so much fun doing it, he’s legitimately about to piss himself when yuma finds out, and you can only imagine how long he’s been holding it in—from “love at first crotch-to-the-face” through “barian’s cardigan” and to kidnapping himself and watching yuma’s heart cry out as it happens

why would you want rei to exist as a separate entity? why would you want rei to be a ~damsel-in-distress~? it’s like taking away from vector’s being absolutely totally perfectly magnificient

like his original goal was Barian no Sekai no Tame Ni but now he will literally stop at nothing to just humiliate and defeat yuma, be it deal with the devil or run around in a dandylion costume


1thank you random i will never get over “weenie” and “meanie” register

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