yugioh said what?


yugioh said what started out as me adding dumb subtitles to ygo caps at my old blog in the wake of the “history said what” meme.

now i caption episodes of zexal, because, hey, we wait way too long for subs.

(occasionally i’ll do a single cap/scene or something similar — they’re all in this tag, along with similar parodies by other people)

here’s all of YSW so far:

  • #79 Shark’s Saga (actually Rio’s first episode)
  • #84 Shark’s Saga II (actually the healing dool)
  • #85 Alit’s Adventure
  • #90 Orbomi 
  • #91 Why Would I Ship You with my Boyfriend (Rio vs Ryoga)
  • #92 He Had a Guitar
  • #95 FLIRTERERS (Stolen head off to Sargasso). 95 is my favorite episode so far (except maybe 72) and I will never stop making fun of it so, I made legitimate gagsubs for it. In retrospect, they are mostly accurate.
  • #99 Shark’s Saga III (first episode of season 5) 
  • #103 Stupid Sexy Alit 
  • #105 DRAGON (started making gagsubs, gave up)
  • #108 Kingdom Sharks (Ryoga’s memories at the ruins) 
  • #111 no.mp3 (96 vs Astral and Yuma) 
  • #112 but why is heartland naked (mihael’s return) 
  • #114 Shark’s Saga IV (HEHEHEHE) (GET IT) (IV) 
  • #122 the part of protagonist will be played by kaito this evening 
  • #127 battle of kaito’s boyfrans
  • #134 meanwhile, on the moon
  • #138 can we pretend that quickplays on our fields are msts

aaand some bonus outtakes??

  • i tried to do the sargasso duel (#96) but i kind of gave up
  • someone dared me to do episode 1 and the script was so bad i only did fifteen panels